New Gadget

A few weeks ago Mister Steiner surprised me with a little present.......I've been telling him for quite some time how much I'd like to have this cool gadget. He always said, so, just get one. Well, I never took the time to investigate it or to just get one. So my sweet man did the leg work and now I have a fun new toy.
So, just what is this neat new gadget?

It's a graphics pad. It works with several PC programs, I use Adobe Photoshop and it is just soooooooo much fun! No more clunky mouse to drag around. I'm still figuring out all the things it does and doing lots of scribbling and doodling with it.

For those of you who have asked so many times to see a pic of Mister Steiner..........thinking he is just a figment of my he is.......
I do love this new graphics pad and the Mister too!

"me & the mister"

Till Next Time........


Darlene said…
Hi Heidi,
Love your new gadget! and your new banner is just wonderful!