Holiday Weekend Ahead

Gearing up for the BIG holiday weekend here. I'm in a mild state of hysteria precious little one will be coming to visit, along with mama and papa on Thursday......... to spend 5 fun filled days with nana & grampa! We'll be celebrating the little one's 2nd birthday!
I'll be baking and making party hats!
I have miles of lists........planning menus.........trips to the market and trying to tidy up the house.
The fun part about the cleaning is I take the time to enjoy all the patriotic frivolity going on in the house.
Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into heidiland too.

Till Next Time.........


Mary Grace said…
Wonderful! Would love to see it all in person. Have a great time with your little one.
Anonymous said…
WOW! Everytime I see your seasonal collections I am amazed and delighted at your are my hero!! Enjoy your family this holiday weekend.

Heidi Steiner said…
Thanks for all the kind notes and emails ladies! So glad you enjoy seeing my stuff. :)
Cindy,I hope to see you in October!
Lori Ann C. said…
Oh my . . . you have ALL the pretty Toys!!!
Enjoy your time with the wee one!

Lori Ann