More Country Fun

My 2 adorable brothers live nearby to, when I was at Mom's I popped in at my youngest brother's home. I caught them all outside doing chores........Andy was feeding the animals, Shannon was busy tending her gorgeous gardens and their girls were zipping around on the RV hauling bags of feed.

Here they are.........Mom, Andy and Shannon.

Andy and his family live a sweet life in the country too, just down the road a stretch from Mom's. Andy built their very pretty country home and is a gentleman farmer. It's a family affair........Andy's wife Shannon and daughter's Lizzie and Emily all share the love of the gardens and raising and tending to the animals.

I think this is just a I made my way up the hill........past the goats and many chicken pens........ I came upon the horses.........
The horses were at the "spa".
Yep, a special little get-up just for the horses to soak their feet!

Next trip to the country I'll visit my other brother, okay've been warned. :)

Till Next Time.......


Lori Ann C. said…
What a little fantasy land . . . .
THAT'S what I need outside when my feet are hot . . . a spa like the horses have!

Thanks for sharing your dear family!
Lori Ann