Home Sweet Home

I'mmmmm home! Home sweet home.
And I sure did see some very "sweet" homes while I was in New England! Looking, okay gawking, at these beauties was as much fun as the Brimfield Flea Markets.

I had a WONDERFUL time last week. The flea markets were fabulous. I'm in the midst now of unpacking all the goodies I found and getting photos in order. I'll be posting more all week on my flea market adventure.

I hope you enjoy seeing just a few of the pretty homes........

Someone left their front door open.........and I was thrilled to take a peek inside!

Oh and this one...........could I dare paint my house this yummy spicy color??? Oh I would love to do it!

I'll be back with more photos soon...........
Till then-


Anonymous said…
New England is my former neck-of-the-woods....and I miss the form of these houses very much. Thank you for sharing! I cannot wait to see your purchases and shots of Brimfield.

Lori Ann C. said…
I vote yes! On painting your house!!
Welcome back . . I can't wait to see your treasures!!

Lori Ann