Flea Market Goodies

I had an excellent buying trip at the flea markets. I brought home lots and lots of goodies for accessorising my bears and beasites.
Now I'm in the midst of hand washing all the little delicate gowns and dresses.
I was thrilled to find the red wool sailor shirt.........I can't wait to create a patriotic piece using this.
I brought home more flags too.........I never seem to have enough..........the bears and I fight over them all the time.
And notice hanging on the line, I found antique bunting. Red-white & blue, gauzy bunting! I LOVE this stuff. I drape it on my windows, I use it to create costumes for the bears and beasties and mostly, I just hoard it.
These Victorian velvet bonnets were too darling to pass up.

And I accumulated a stack of the sweetest polka dot dresses.
Rolls and rolls of antique tinsel garland.
I bought dozens of beautiful old children's dresses, slips and bloomers.
A small pile of vintage woolly baby sweaters and caps.

I didn't just buy for the bears and beasties..........I did find a little something special for me too.
More about my special treasure tomorrow.........
Till Then-


Anonymous said…
Your pictures are Beautiful...I get to see what you bought before I got there!!! xox
Anonymous said…
Aaahhhh, nothing like stimulating the economy! Great stuff!!!!