Brimfield Treasure

My Brimfield adventures ended on a very happy note. It was a little sad to have to say good-bye to my two fun friends I was able to spend a little time with........Cathy and Wendy........boy we sure did have a lot of laughs!
But, now that I had found plenty of things for work and found a treasure for was time to hit the road and go home.
So, what did I find?
It was the start of a new opening field last Thursday morning. I was so tired and worn out, almost just bumbling down the isles like a zombie.
THEN.........rounding a corner......what should I see????
Am I dreaming????
OMG. It is!!!

It is.
A Steiff Studio Kangaroo!!
Oh happy day. Be still my heart!!!
The deal is done........
Come on............ With a little help from my friend Cathy........
we were "ROO" movers.
"ROO" arrived home yesterday, via UPS.
He's lovin' it here and I'm lovin' having him.
Till Next Time.......


Anonymous said…
We loved spending a little time with you Heidi.Margaret loves the bear, monkeys and pinkeepers you brought for us. Wish we would have seen you and the kangaroo. Looks like it was a heck of a hunt!
John & Margaret Chandler
Collins Gifts said…
Wasn't Brimfield just the best this year. Great weather, wonderful shopping with such a great organized schedule;>
It was so much fun having your Kangaroo living on my dining room table for a few days. I am also sooo very happy he shipped Sat.
Anonymous said…
ROO has such a wonderful home now...Where he will live Happily Ever After!! Love ya!!