Spring Cleaning....I think not

I had every intention of doing a wee bit of "spring cleaning"...........but, I get very distracted by the mere thought of it. Instead I find myself rearranging my displays.........picking and poking and enjoying all the things I love that surround me daily, but take little notice of cause I'm always just too busy.
So, today I'm going to enjoy.........maybe I'll drag out the vac and fluff up my furry friends, I might just shine their eyes too.

Till Next Time.......


Lori Ann C. said…
I see these furry friends have no worries . . . they are being safely guarded by the Steiff Doll regiment! A lovely grouping . . that grey elephants brother lives with me and says hello!

Lori Ann
Mary Grace said…
Such a delightful display. You go girl- forget the cleaning and play, play, play.
Heather said…
Your display is great, I can see how you'd get distracted!!
CBP said…
I LOVE LOOKING AT YOUR STUFF!!! You have the coolest collections...what else would I expect from such a cool chick! xo