Monkey Love

Ohhhhhhhhh.........I just love these!
I finished these monkey girls yesterday and I decided to share them here first with all of you. Yep, I've been monkeying around in the studio all week. They really make me smile. For those of you that have followed my work over the years know........monkeys have always been a part of what I do.
These "girlfriends" are a brand new design...... new size too and the start of a new series. The start of something fun! I've gently aged and distressed the girls and they're wearing vintage dolly dresses that I've also aged.
I was inspired to created these silly girls by my ever growing collection of vintage sock monkeys.
Just where they'll go.........who knows. They may just stay and keep me company in the studio for a wee bit.
Till Next Time........


Anonymous said…
I love these monkeys too! They are darling and I definitely need to have one or two:)
Betty G.
Anonymous said…
Hi Heidi- We're back!wow we've missed alot in heidiland.Margaret is studing every post and making a wish list.
She MUST have girlfriend monkeys. They are top of the list. LMK the details and we'll let you know how many. She says at least 3.
John & Margaret Chandler
Anonymous said…
Collins Gifts said…
These sock monkeys are just the best!But then again I have always loved your monkey's. From 48" Clyde my signing mascot 5 years ago to my little Gwen from oh so many years ago. Can't wait until they arrive. I think one of these girls will join Gwen in my collection.