One Year of Blogging

I can hardly believe it.......
I've been blogging for a year now.
The past year has passed so quickly.........and sharing pics and tid bits with all of you has been so much fun!
One of my very first posts in March '09, was about all the day dreaming I do. I'm happy to say that I still do a lot of it.
I'm still dreaming about "The Egg & I" as I wrote about last March..........

The little egg trailer is still just a day dream and not parked in my yard yet.
As I think about this little egg, I wonder if maybe I should dream a bigger dream................maybe not of an egg trailer...........but rather something grander.
Maybe a Gypsy wagon! Oh how fun would this be?! Painted all sorts of funky colors and lushly decorated inside.

Hmmmmmmmmm........Nope. No Gypsy wagon for me.

My heart will always belong to that little egg.


Thanks for sharing the past year with me!

Till Next Time My Friends.....



Mary Grace said…
I am so happy you are bloging and have enjoyed spending time with you the past year. I look forward to more wonderful posts from you.
Lori Ann C. said…
Love the egg . . . but I also think a Gypsy Wagon would make a fantastic studio!

Happy Day,
Lori Ann
Anonymous said…
I do LOVE that little EGG :) Hugs stranger! Your Buddy Cath xo

btw...I started blogging again today! Only been 3 months LOL
pussman said…
When you take the egg! I'll take the gypsy wagon!
I was just wondering about that!It would be lovely to have a hideway for ones own in your own garden!
But how about winter?
Will it be cold and humid then?
Probably and I think about that to!

But still!
It is one of my dreams, a little place for yourself, mmmmm