Just popping in for a quick hello today.........it's a bright and sun shiny day in the studio.
I have a "studio pet"........a silly cat created by Vergie Lightfoot. This crazy cat lives in an antique birdcage which hangs above my little work table. I always giggle when I see him, trapped up in his cage.

I mentioned in a couple blog posts back in January...........I was revamping the studio. Below is the blue cupboard I painted, with a sweet display on top. A vintage feather tree...trimmed with scads of antique Santa pin backs........a vintage Santa whirly-gig, vintage dress, antique compo Dopey doll, pin cushions and a couple fabulous R.John Wright Brownie dolls that were a gift from a very dear friend. I love looking at this vignette of favorite treasures, as I work away in the studio.
Till Next Time My Friends..........


Anonymous said…
Nothing like a fun cabinet top vignette to make you smile! Nice work on the room. Love the border! Looking forward to seeing more pics of your studio.
Take care!