It's been "pandamonium" in the studio lately............
With the Valentine's now tucked away for another year.......thoughts of an early Spring are in the air. Before I go full swing into spring things and rabbits hopping around the studio............I've been creating panda bears. I do love pandas. I love them traditional, big and small...... old, loved and worn out. Right now I'm into black and white and in the days to come other colors will be added to the mix.

This is Sophia.........I created this lady bunny for a special someone's "Sweetheart". I've heard Sophia was indeed a special gift of love.

Till Next Time My Friends.........


Amanda said…
I love pandas too, yours look gorgeous, I'd love to see coloured ones.
Katy said…
You creat so much and you dazzle us with each of your creations. How are we ever supposed to pick a favorite? The Panda's are wonderful...and so are you!
pussman said…
Hi, I just discovered your bears and I wanted to tell you that some of them are pure perfection in my opinion!
Like "lover boy"
He is the perfect bear for me!
Congratulations, I really love your work!
I have a lot to learn I guess.
I have been addicted to bears for 4 months now and it is getting worse, I do not know if it will ever finish.
The French Bear said…
What cute panda bears!!!
Margaret B