Studio re-do part 2

I'm almost done running amuck in the's the painted cabinet. I'm really loving this old blue color. I'm trying to decide if I should distress it or just wait and see how long it takes me to beat it up with daily use.
While I was watching the paint dry my eye caught the window and the curtain. I still really like the fabric, yellow with tiny red dots, but....thought it too needed a little boost of something. So, I added a fun ball fringe to the edge.

Thinking I'm pretty much done with this spur of the moment project, just having to put things back in place and do a little decorating.......I decided I needed to have another shelf! Soooooooooo, off to the lumber store with Mr. Steiner in tow.
How long? How wide?? What color??? What am I thinking!
We bought the boards, the hardware and more paint.......
The boards are laying in the kitchen with the first coat of paint now......I guess we'll be dining out tonight.
I'm hoping this new shelf will go up tomorrow.


Linda Wolf said…
LOVE the cabinet, Heidi! The ball fringe is great and you sure can't have too many shelves to display stuff on. Rock on, woman!
Theresa said…
How fun Heidi....and a lot of work too. The studio make over is looking wonderful. :0)