Out of Control

It all happened so innocently..........
I was working in the studio, poking through a box of antique Valentine's, vintage velvet flowers and Victorian calling cards. Then it happened.........I turned around and noticed the quilt hanging on the wall.
I thought it was time for a change and down it came. Well, once down, I remembered why it was hanging there. Yep, nail holes and smudge marks were hiding behind the quilt.
Okay, no big deal...........I'll just real quick putty the holes and slap a new coat of paint on the wall.
Ohhhhhhhhhh, if it was only this quick and easy.
I painted this one wall and of course...........the other walls now looked dim and need of a fresh coat of paint too.

So, I pushed and I shoved my way around the studio.........piles of stuff were heaped up on every surface and all over the floor. I slowly made my way around the room and painted all the walls. All the while I couldn't believe what I was doing.............mumbling to myself....I don't have time for this.

What a mess!

At this point, it got out of control..... just painting the walls wouldn't be good enough. I decided I would paint a cupboard my Dad made for me many years ago. It was just stained wood with antique tin ceiling tiles in the door fronts. So, off to the hardware store...........again.
Primer first.........
I'll let you know what color I choose and how the studio re-do is coming along.
Till Next Time-


Linda Wolf said…
"Someday" just arrived. You go, girl! Please show us a photo when you're done.

Lori Ann C. said…
Oooooo . . can't wait to see the studio a la fini !
I'm sure you will feel rejuvenated and amazingly creative in your new workspace!!

Lori Ann