Hearts and Flowers

It's been a hearts and flowers kind of day.....
The table tops are spilling over with antique Valentine's, all sorts of heart pincushions are being embroidered, pretty old buttons and the sweetest little bears and bunnies to keep me company.

These Sweethearts are Charles and Claudette........ I think of them as ..... "The Courtship of Claudette".


Katy said…
Pleeeeeeeeeeeze tell me it's "Red Bull" or something as easy to find on the store shelf that can give me the same energy you seem to approuch your every day! Sewing the most adorable bears and bunnies...painting walls and furnishings....trimming drapes...I feel exhausted just thinking about it all but I marvel your numerous ambitious talents. I am definitely one of your biggest champions. Keep up all your wonderful work!
Lori Ann C. said…
Aren't they just the sweetest!!!
Lori Ann