Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

On this first new day of the new year, I find myself on day 3 of organizing all of my bear making and art supply stuff.

I'm knee deep, surrounded by dozens of bins and piles of stuff. I am tackling closets full of stuff. Well, I am hoping to get at least 2 closets done before I get bored with this whole idea.

Picking and poking though bits and pieces, baubles and trims...........vintage clothing, hats galore and so much more. It's the time of year I sort through it all, trying to condense and make sense of it. The hardest part is deciding what to keep.

Of course I have many piles now of things I love, things I need, things I can't part with and even more piles of things that must GO.

I've got 3 boxes full so far, for next Springs first flea market and several bags full headed for the trash. I save every little schnerble through out the year......teeny, tiny bits and this all must go.

I hope by days end, I'll be in the studio...........picking and poking, going through cupboards, bins and jars full of stuff. It'll be so nice to start the new year fresh and more organized.

No more searching for things once I'm back to creating. If all goes well, I should be doing what I love again in a tidy studio in a few days.

I wish you all a Happy, Wonderful New Year!

Till next time............



Linda Wolf said…
Happy New Year, Heidi!
We must be kindred spirits as I, too, am cleaning, clearing and organizing my studio/office with stuff over the place. Although I'm no longer a full-time, practicing artist such as yourself, I'm also a collector of cool, old stuff. Like you, I see creative possibilities in many things. Although it can be inspirational to be surrounded by wonderful old things, I've found that too many options can actually blur my creative vision. So, like you, I sort, purge and sell regularly to keep things in check.
A positive note is that my recent sales of "stuff" allowed me to adopt three, big Steiner bears from Collins Gifts this week! A nice, clean spot now awaits them.
I hope your new year is filled with happiness and inspiration. Keep up the awesomely good work! :)
Kindest Regards,
Linda Wolf
Darlene said…
Hi Heidi,
Happy new year and good luck with the cleaning! It's always great to be able to find things when you want to work! Want to come help me do some more work on mine? Hehe

Hugs and joy,Darlene
I'm Lori Ann said…
Here is to a new year full of creativity, a few new treasures and lots of giggles!!

Lori Ann
Anonymous said…
Please tell me when you are going to take out the 'trash' from your cleaning efforts so I can go dumpster diving for what must be some wonderful stuff judging from the fantastic things you deem fit to keep both to display AND to create your wonderful things!
Happy New Year,
Doreen said…
I organize and organize..but it always seems to become a shambles again once I get busy... busy... busy creating..the upside is...when it's all neat and organized..it makes me feel so good..it inspires me to create :)

Wishing you a wonderful New Year filled with happiness & joy,