The first snow

I've been spending lots and lots of time in the studio.....
sitting at my little table in front of a big window. I look up occasionally and look into the yard, hoping to see the deer and turkeys that visit daily. Everything outside is so ugly now. The leaves are long gone, the garden beds are a crispy,crunchy brown. I think how pretty it would be if it would just snow. Not a lot of snow, just a dusting.
Then all of a sudden...........snow. Teeny, tiny flakes falling and swirling around. It was just enough snow to cover the ground and rooftops. So pretty and so perfect for my afternoon working away on "Flake" dolls........I even think they smiled too.


Linda Wolf said…

These dolls are wonderously sweet!

Wanted you to know that this week I adopted Bosco and Chocolate from Collins Gifts. They just arrived and I could be more thrilled! They are sitting on the antique trunk and cabinet in my studio and look right at home.

Keep up the fine work. You have yet another fan! :)

Kind Regards,

Linda Wolf
I'm Lori Ann said…
You are just the sparkle queen!!!
Let it snow . . . . Let it snow !