Kringle all the way....

I'm pleased today to introduce you to "Kringle".
Kringle just left the studio today and is headed East. He's on his way to be on display this weekend at the Festival of Trees, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

Kringle is a big ol' bear, 29" tall! And looks grand all decked out for the holiday season.
His sweet face, with a center seam, is framed by a long stocking cap. He's cozy and comfy warm wearing an antique one piece union suit..........with a drop seat! He thinks this is real silly.

Ready to celebrate the holidays..........Kringle carries a vintage sock filled with vintage goodies and also holds a vintage chenille wreath trimmed with vintage ornaments and holly leaves.

Kringle isn't mooning you.............he just wanted to show off the silly drop seat!


Doreen said…
Awww..I just love Kringle..what a sweetheart..and that trap door is fantastic!!

Wishing you a pleasant evening :)Doreen
Mary Grace said…
Great bear Heidi. Love him!The union suit is great and all the vintage trims are wonderful.
Heather said…
What a cutie! I am so in awe of you guys who make large bears!!!