Halloween is over and...........

November brings another fun holiday to the studio.
I've tidied up the studio and packed away all things orange till next year.
I'm on to the next holiday now and have started to haul out bins and bins of wintry delights and Christmas finery.
The studio is over flowing with bits and pieces....... shiny baubles......brush trees and glimmering tinsel. Stacks of woolly scarves and piles of mittens have taken over. I'm so loving the palette of wintry whites, golds and silvers with bits of blue.
The first of the Christmas magic has now left the studio.........I'll give you a peek at these pieces in the next day or two.


Mary Grace said…
Oh I just LOVE this!!! This is MY favorite time of year and I love everything that sparkles and shines. I am eagerly awaiting to see what you have created for this wonderful time of year. Please make sure i'm on your holiday update list!
Anonymous said…
Well, now you've done it. Margaret is all a twitter and just chomping at the bit to see your newest creations!
John & Margaret Chandler
Heidi Steiner said…
Hello friends~
Thank you so very much for all the sweet emails you've sent my way. I'm tickled to know so many of you are also gearing up for the holiday season. It's going to be a great one!
Kind Regards,
Anonymous said…
I just read Earth angles blog and saw the lovely post on you and your teddies. I'll be watching for more.
Betty Graf
reidsbears said…

Don't forget me!! I am starting to decorate for Christmas and would love to add a Heidiland creation!!