Day Tripping in New England

The days following the signing at Collins Gifts,
pics of this fab event are coming soon...........Wendy kept us all well entertained with day trips.
We all went on a Fall foliage boat trip on the Piscataqua River.
I got so excited as we cruised the river...........I saw a seal! He was swimming along side the boat. I was so excited I didn't take his picture! No one did, of course Wendy who takes a picture of everything, missed it too...........Cindy told her it was driftwood!

On Monday we hit the road and drove the coastline into Maine. The scenery was beautiful......the little towns we drove through were so charming. I was so hoping to spot a luck....the moose were hiding.

We made stops along the way at antique shops too.


I'm Lori Ann said…
What fun!! Looks like the weather was beautiful!!
All the pieces on Collins gifts were great too!!

Lori Ann