Antique Quilts...........

Antique quilts created in Halloween colorings are another favorite of mine.
I adore them and am always on the hunt for just one more.
I hang them on walls.......... drape them on harvest tables..........they're stacked on a trunk and layered on the bed in the guest room...........
Oh, I haven't told you about my guest room??? The BOO room?? I'll leave this for another day.
Today I hope you enjoy seeing a sampling of what I call my antique Halloween quilts. You may have already noticed a couple in displays from my previous Halloween posts.

And yes, I collect quilts in everyday colorings and my second favorite are the ones created in reds and greens. You'll be seeing these too, as THAT holiday will be nipping at our heels before we know it.


Mary Grace said…
I love the quilts and am enjoying seing your halloween decorations.
Boo to you-