Last Hurrah

The last of the flowers are blooming in my gardens......
They're worth the wait....they are my favorites..... I love black eyed susans.
Don't tell the roses...I love them too, but not as much. The roses are sooooo much work and so sensitive. I'm thinking next year they will have to go. I'm planning on replacing the roses with a pumpkin patch.
I strolled the gardens over the weekend enjoying the very festive black eyed susans, I consider them summer's last hurrah.


Anonymous said…
We just love your large Pumpkin Girl. Is she available?
John & Margaret Chandler
Heidi Steiner said…
Silly me.....Pumpkin girl is available at Collins Gifts.
Collins Gifts said…
Heidi-Your veggie girl just arrived and she is so amazing. The pictures just don't do her justice!I love that her arms are poseable.
Thank you so much,