After Midnight.........

I do silly things in the middle of the night.........
Those nights when I toss and turn....when I'm just too wide awake to sleep...............I crawl out of bed and tip toe to the studio.
During these late nights when the house is dark and still, I love playing in my studio. I work on things I wouldn't take time during the day to do. The daytime hours are for the must do's.
A few nights ago.....I found myself snipping pretty papers, glueing and sparkling in the studio. I was making Halloween hats for my bears and beasties.
I think I may have mentioned in the past......I LOVE hats. LOL
Well, Halloween is the perfect opportunity for me to make hats.
I had so much giggly fun all by myself in the middle of the night.


Anonymous said…
The hats are adorable! You made me giggle. Do you sell these hats?
Mary Grace said…
Heidi, you do hav4e more fun in the middle of the night then most people have in the daytime. The hats are great and the beaver is a adorable.