The summer days are dwindling to an end..........the flowers in my gardens are gasping for a cool breeze.......
and I'm thinking about crisp autumn nights, the crunch of autumn leaves under foot and all the beautiful harvest colors waiting to come.

It's been so busy in the most favorite holiday is approaching quickly.......


I'm finishing up the last of the summer sailors, little bathing beauties, blue birds and strawberry pincushions. I'm slowly but surely packing away the bunting, flags and all things summertime for the bears and beasties.

The bins and boxes filled to the brim with Halloween treasures is starting to take over as I am knee deep in all things black and white and all shades of orange.

I'll be sharing lots of Halloween silliness with you in the weeks to come............
My bears and beasties........veggie dolls too.
A peek into my Halloween decorated house........and some of my Halloween inspired collections.

These Halloweenies are now on the way to Collins Gifts.


Mary Grace said…
Wonderful! more- More- MORE!
I'm Lori Ann said…
Heidi . . they are "BOO-tiful" !!!
May you be inspired by the coming season!!

Lori Ann
Doreen said… things are so lovely!

I can't wait to stop back for another your blog :)