Pins and Needles...........

Needles & Pins.............
Where to keep them is where it begins............

Why do pin keepers have such a magical allure?
They are so special........I seem to be drawn to them like bees to honey.

Pin keepers/pincushions are certainly nothing new............they've been around for what seems like forever.
These little morsels can be as simple as the common tomato
or can be wondrous creations.

Today's artists create pincushions using velvets and wools, wool felts and worn out quilts.............embellished with hours and hours of eye crossing embroidery and applique.
Often adorned with vintage buttons, tassels and baubles.
Nearly each whimsical pin keeper is crowned with an amazing hand made teddy bear or an endless assortment of little animals.

Inspiration for my pin keepers come from antique pincushions, the 4 seasons and the HOLIDAYS.
These things inspire many artists.........including a few of my special friends.

I'm delighted to be able to share some of my favorite artist friend's pin keepers with you.
Cathy Pendleton, Lori Ann Corelis and Lanna Omlor
I hope these wonderful little creations make your heart sing and made you smile.....
I had so much fun with all the photos my gal pals supplied.......these little treasures have been dancing around in my head for days..........I can imagine them clustered together in an antique cupboard........
I've shared the image in my mind below.......... my attempt at "altered art"
Please note.... the pincushions are not to scale and just put together for silly fun.
So, if you already have a pin keeper collection, there's always room for more............or if I have tempted you to start collecting....... you'll be happy you did!

Thank you kindly Lori Ann, Cathy and Lanna for sharing your spectacular pin keepers!

For more information about the pin keepers featured here and other works available from the artists studios, please visit their websites. You can contact these fabulous gals via email links on each website.

Cathy Pendleton

Lori Ann Corelis
Lanna Omlor


Anonymous said…
Wonderful Heidi!
Margaret collects antique sewing items and pin cushions.She has them in groupings all over the house.You've sent her into an instant frenzy and she is now clearing an old cupboard and is going to group the whole collection together. We can't wait for the 2 we have on special order to arrive from Collins Gifts. We'll be checking out your friends websites as well.
John & Margaret Chandler
WOW!All of these are truly works of art. I especially love that you artists have begun work on Halloween.Thank you so much for sharing them all.
Anonymous said…
Another thing to collect....YIPPEE! I am taking the hint from the Chandlers and heading to Collins Gifts' website!
Mary Grace said…
This is such a fun post! I love all of the pincushions.......
CBP said…
Hi Heidi!
Thanks SO much for including me in your Beautiful Blog Post!!! I just Love your pincushions...You're the best for sharing all of us with your wonderful Fans!
Cathy Pendleton
I'm Lori Ann said…
What a dear you are to share all these pics and those from Cathy, Lanna and I too! Thank you! It's amazing to see millions of variations on an idea!

Happy stitchin'
Lori Ann
Theresa said…
What a lovely bunch of pincushions... I had to laugh about them being addictive... because I totally agree. I think anyone that sews is bound to end up with a collection of them. :) Thanks for sharing and for showing off all the other lovely artist creations too.
Heidi Steiner said…
Thank you eveyone for all the sweet comments and emails you've sent. I'm so happy you've enjoyed this special post and all the wonderful pin keeper creations by my friends and me!
Anonymous said…
Now your very own mommy has seen your Heidiland and she just LOVES it of course.... (Dawn is up visiting Shannon, Lizzie and Emily (well Andy too I suppose). We all just love you to death Heidi!!
xox-Katy said…
Yes...these adorable little ditties can be totally addicting~ even if you don't know how to thread a needle! That would be me and I do LOVE my collection! Thanks Heidi.