Wouldn't you love to have this tree house in your yard????
Just thinking of all the fun I would have decorating it.........sleeping in it on warm summer nights...........or better yet...........a summertime studio!

I don't have this wonderful tree house for a studio.........But I am very content and happy with the studio space I do have.
Now if I would only stay confined to the studio instead of spreading out all over the house.
Currently every table is being used for some sort of on going project.
hmmmmmm...I guess I should decide which table to be at today and get to work.


I'm Lori Ann said…
Oh my . . what a fun hide away . . . would be a perfect studio AND you would get a work out climbing all those steps! 2 for 1 !
Looks like you are beginning Halloween! Me too . . . BOO time will be upon us all too soon!

Lori Ann
Darlene said…
That tree house is fantastic! It would be wonderful to sit and read with a summer breeze, aahh...
Theresa said…
It looks like you've been working hard... I hope you've been having a little bit of fun. :)