Where's Heidi Hiding????

"Where the heck have I been the past week.................I've been in the studio!
Last week was so busy, I was working on orders for bears and beasties, special commissions and POOF! The week was gone in a blink of an eye.
While stitching away I have also been playing in the house. I got the outside decked out with bunting and flags for Memorial Day and have started to festoon the inside with all things red-white and blue.
I LOVE decking the house out in all things Patriotic. This is my second favorite holiday for decorating. I collect antique bunting, flags of all sizes, horns and drums, silly hats and I adore the antique Patriotic parade costumes.
Here's a sneak peek of an antique Liberty costume................I'll share more pics in the weeks to come of some of my other Patriotic treasures.
The little work table in the studio has been over flowing all week with different projects.............here are some of the Patriotic bunnies I'm working on now..............Yep, I'm in the Patriotic mode now.
What else have I been creating in the studio............Take a peek..........
These cuties are now completed and ready to be shipped..........

The beavers and little squirrel friend loved being in the Memorial Day Parade.
I've also been playing with a couple of teddies inspired by the wonderful goodies I found at Brimfield. The thing slowing me down is, I want to use all the treasures and can't decide on which ones to use first. Gesh. I am hoping to have these ready to post here on the blog next week. Stay tuned..........


Welcome back! I missed you. You've made some adorable treats......love the piggy, love the bears...love it all!! LMK when you have the brimfield suprises done.
Anonymous said…
We were wondering where you were. Glad to see you have been having fun in your studio.
Kenny and Evelyn
Anonymous said…
Hi Ho Heidi. We met at Brimfield.......can't wait to see the bonnets you bought from me on your lovely bears.
Collins Gifts said…
All these new pieces are fantastic.
I am so excited to open the box on it's way to me and see who pops out.
CBP said…
Hi Heidi! Girlfriend, your creations are AMAZING!! I love them all, but that little piggy is the tops! Thanks for sharing :)
Cathy~The Cheswick Company
Theresa said…
Oh Heidi... everything is so amazing. The piggy is my favorite and the beavers... LOL... I love their little teeth. :)


Anonymous said…
Welcome back Heidi,
Mrs. Chandler and I are very interested in the wonderful Patriotic bear with glasses.How would we go about purchasing him.
John & Margaret Chandler
I'm Lori Ann said…
Hip Hip Hooray for Heidi !!
What fun SUmmer friends!!

hugs, Lori Ann
Katy said…
Hello my dearest-
It is always such a treat to see what is happening in your workshop. The Red,White & Blue is a theme that becomes you. ALL of your patriotic creations are amazing and amusing. LOVE the little bunnies covering your table. Truthfully, I LOVE ALL OF YOUR CREATIONS!!! I celebrate YOU.
xox- Katy