We're having a heat wave........a tropical heat wave....
I've been hanging out all week down in the basement.
It's the only cool place in the house!
Yep, no air conditioning.
And I know I must be the last person on the planet that does not have a cell phone! Someday..........maybe.
I am kinda happy for the extreme heat..........since I can't be in the studio at the sewing machine making bears...........I've been playing in the basement at the little tables sculpting dolls.
The heat has given me an excuse to play!!
It should cool off a wee bit over the weekend and then I'll be back in the studio.
I hope you're all staying cool and having fun filled days too.


Anonymous said…
These pics are great. I can't wait to see the dollies all done......
Katherine Holt
Anonymous said…
We're having a heat wave too. I'm still thrilled to bits i got to meet you in person last week and got my new friend hand delivered. I can't wait to see you again on your next visit. Bring dolls!!!
Anonymous said…
I hope to get my daily serving of veggies (okay, I am stretching the veggie connection) the best way possible, a creation from you! I just bought your bear Lovey from Wendy Collins of Collin's Gifts, both the bear and Wendy are fabulous...class acts indeed. I don't know what I would do in these tough times without a bear fix (or two)!!
I can hardly wait to see these done. I sure do hope they will be Halloween dolls!!!!!
Collins Gifts said…
I just love your veggie dolls esp. the pumpkin girls.
I can't wait to get some:>
CBP said…
Hey Girlfriend!
Back from your visit and hiding in the basement...LOL!
Your Veggie dolls are so great! Isn't it liberating to have a departure from the normal work! Talk soon~Miss you!!
Cathy~The Cheswick Co.