Sharing the Dream.........

Ahhhhhh...Day Dreaming....while I'm knee deep in a sea of bunting and bear bits in the studio today.......
I find myself day dreaming of my trip a few weeks ago. Once the fun was over in Brimfield, Ma.- being soooooo close to the sea shore....I had to go! The song of the sea was calling to me.
I LOVE the sea shore and the New England coast is the best.
So what the heck...I could be at my favorite beach in a short 2 1/2 hour drive. I hit the highway and buzzed right up the coast line to New Castle Beach on the tiny island of New Castle, New Hampshire.

The sea, the sand and the salt air and even those crazy swarming gulls are so inspiring to me.

The sea has inspired my work through the years in so many different ways.........I'm always looking for mermaids at the beach........

Okay, I must admit.........I love traveling to the east coast for Donkin Donuts too! We don't have them here ...YET. I love the vanilla chi tea and chocolate cream donuts.

I've created so many sailors, soldiers and pirates. Hey, who doesn't love a bear or beastie in uniform??!

Okay, I LOVE Pirates! I do.
This is why I go to the sea dream about long ago adventures on the high seas and to imagine myself a damsel in distress. tee hee


Anonymous said…
I love the sea shore too. Nothing is more fun than collecting shells with my grandkids.
Anonymous said…
I think all teddy bear lovers love a bear in uniform. Great sailors and pirate.
Your #1 fan-
Mary Grace said…
My house is filled with all things patriotic now and old navy uniforms. These pieces would fit in nicely.
Mary Grace
Theresa said…
Heidi... I love the sea but I don't get to see it very often. I do however get to see one of your beautiful creations that reminds me of the sea. I have your Sea Queen...sitting on her lovely sea turtle. She sits on our coffee table in the middle of our sitting room... right were everyone can see her. She is one of my favorites. :)



PS... I love the merbear in her shell. :)
CBP said…
Hi-Ho Heidi!
Love these creations~They are 5-star! a Summer day dream is almost effortless, wouldn't you agree~
Cathy~The Cheswick Co.