With All the Frills Upon It

I told you....I Love hats. And so do my bears and beasties. The proof is in the pictures. Enjoy this small sampling of past creations all gussied up in antique hats.

I've been surrounded all week by stacks of hats in the studio.
Pretty ladies in waiting are lining the "tarmac". They're eagerly grabbing and choosing antique dresses and sparkly brooches. Their crowning touch is an antique hat.
I'll be sharing these new lady bears with you soon.
Till then, please visit Jen at Earth Angels. Jen has a lovely selection of my ladies holding court.

I hope I've inspired you to go out and get yourself a pretty Easter bonnet.

Have a great weekend!
Till next time- Heidi


Anonymous said…
I'm giggling so hard I can bearly type. I LOVE all of the devine ladies. The hats are their crowning glory.
An ardent admirer,
Jackie Hardy
Mary Grace said…
I'm going out right now and buying myself an easter bonnet!
Or, maybe I'll just have to borrow one from one of my many lady bears you've created for me.
Yours in a whimsy,
Mary Grace
Theresa said…
Heidi I love all your ladies with their lovely hats. I guess you really do like hats. :)