Special Delivery part 2

Hello again..........Have you guessed what was in the box??
Well, You were right!
A Zebra!!!!
A circa 1950's Steiff Studio Zebra.

He really was a funny sight inside the box. As we unpacked him, the little mail truck drove past, very slowly. My mailman is very used to delivering big boxes, but I'm sure he was very relieved he didn't have to haul this one.

After his first inspection on the driveway, the mister and I got the zebra into the house. All new arrivals to my house get a thorough vacuming and I shine their eyes.
Zebra loved his spa treatment and was happy to be off his feet after his long journey in the box.

Here you see Mr. Zebra all freshened up and ready to live a happy life in heidiland.
Till next time, Heidi


I'm Lori Ann said…
Oh my . . . what a fun . . . I'm sure he will fit right in at your "Zoo" !!
Anonymous said…
Heidi...this Zebra is Wonderful!! Have you decided where he will reside? What a treasure!
Have a great day~
Theresa said…
Oh My goodness he's big... really you get a good idea how big when you see the vacuum next to him. LOL :) He's wonderful!!!