Special Delivery part 1

I bought a myself a little something almost 2 weeks ago. Ever since then I've been waiting for it's delivery.
Yesterday was the day! The big truck arrived.

The delivery man knocked at my door and when I swung the door open there it was. The BOX.
I couldn't sign the paperwork fast enough and send the delivery guy on his way so I could wrestle this huge box and get it open.

We hauled the box from the garage out onto the driveway to unpack and inspect my new treasure.
I was sooooooo excited as the lid was popped open.

The packing job was excellent and I now have a years worth of bubble wrap.

Can you guess yet what is inside this big ol' box????
Please join me tomorrow for the rest of the story and more fun photos of my new friend.
Till next time- Heidi


Anonymous said…
OMG!The BOX is HUGE!I bet I can guess what it is. I can't wait to see more pictures tomorrow.
Jackie Hardy
I'm Lori Ann said…
Ooooooo . . the anticipation!!
Anonymous said…
The Misses and I think you deserve
a wonderful surprise esp. after the wonderful creation you just
sent us.
Thank you so much,
John & Margaret Chandler