Road Trip

The Mister and I were away the past couple of days.

I just love hearing the mister say- "ROAD TRIP!"

We made our way to central Wisconsin in search of treasures.
We did 350 miles of searching. The weather was warm and sunny and made the driving a pleasure. We drove the country back roads all twisty and turny.
I love traveling the country roads and going through the little towns.

I found a few goodies for me and a few goodies to use with the bears. I have a few photos to share with you of just a small sampling of some of the things I found along the way.

The first two photos you see my prized find, a 1920's, 24" electric eye bear, with the original tag. My heart went pitter patter when I spied this guy!

I also found the two antique puzzle ball pin cushions, a pile of vintage clothing for the teddies and the old blue bench.
I found this fab, antique ladies size mohair coat, yards and yards of antique tinsel rope, and yards of antique flag bunting, I LOVE this stuff.

I also found dozens of antique chenille candy canes and a few handfuls of the sweetest little vintage batting snowmen.

Below is an antique Christmas tree floor cloth . It is dated 1928. These were used to protect rugs and floors from dripping candle wax.

I can't wait now to get back into the studio and create a bear from the antique coat!
It was a wonderful road trip.
Thank you Mr. Steiner!


Mary Grace said…
So glad you got to have a couple days away and have some fun.I too love old bunting and I can't wait to see the bears you create from the old coat.
Anonymous said…
WOW You hit the mother load!Glad you found so many great things. Antiquing sure isn't what it used to be.
Can I get a panda in pink and white?
betty strehlow
Katy said…
Gesh, when I need a giggle I know I can always count on YOU! I've been away for a while and just treated myself to a 'catch up' visit on your blog. My goodness you've been busy working and collecting and decorating. HATS off to all of your ventures!!! As always, you leave me still smiling and totally delighted by all that I've seen.
I'm Lori Ann said…
Oh my ..that coat . . and those pin cushions and that bear!! You my dear are the "master antiquer" !
Welcome to blog world!!!
XOXO Lori Ann
Anonymous said…
hi heidi.i just found you via earth angels blog. i love your work. i'm so glad you have a blog.
Wendy said…
Congratulations on your find of an electric eye bear in such wonderf condition.
The tree shirt is also amazing.It looks like a piece that should be at some Festival of Trees..