In My Easter Bonnet

I was looking through boxes and boxes of old family photos the other day. It was a trip down memory lane. All the fun and silly photos from my childhood. Photos of holiday celebrations, birthday parties, vacations and so many more.
I've pulled a few Easter photos aside to share with you.
I sat on the floor laughing myself silly as I tried to sort these photos. It was then, after several hours I had a revelation.

It seems for every important occasion, there I was, in a hat. Photos of me in Easter bonnets, birthday party hats, crowns, even cowboy hats.

Oh my gosh. It all started in my childhood. My LOVE affair with hats. I LOVE hats. I collect them, I hoard them.
Through all the many years of my bear making, many, many bears and beasties wear antique hats.
All I can say is.......Thanks Mom, for dressing me so funny.
Please stay tuned for part 2 of this post......."With All The Frills Upon It"
Till next time- Heidi


Anonymous said…
These photos are so cute.You know I adore all of your antique bonnets, as I have so many of your lady bears.
Julie said…
Hi Heidi, Thank you for stopping by my blog. Yours is wonderful. I love the hats and your wonderful creations. I am so glad you decided to start blogging, I'll visit often,Julie