Cast of Characters

I have the best bunch of studio helpers. Their wild exuberance makes the many hours in the studio seem like a party. There's always a lot of chatter and giggles. They are my muse, my inspiration and confidants.
You'll always hear a friendly voice when you call.
"Helllooo" the phone is ringing so I say "Helllloooooooo".

Florence Feelgood has a cure for whatever ails me and has bandaids in all shapes and sizes. She's a wiz at needle jabs, pin pricks and scissor nips.

This is the Fairy Godmother of my studio. She's in charge of keeping things neat and tidy. Trust me, this isn't a glamour job and she works really hard picking up after me.

Lucy does a lot of quacking about her job, but she's an excellent bean counter and a snappy dresser.

Buddy has the hardest job. He's in charge of packing and hauling all the bears and beasties to the UPS terminal.
I hope you're enjoying a giggly day!
Till next time.............Heidi


Theresa said…
Heidi I loved seeing your staff... such an excellent crew you have. :)


Mary Grace said…
It's always a thrill to call you. I'm ALWAYS greeted with a happy hello.