Welcome to my World!

I think I'm the last person in the universe to be starting a blog. After months of thinking about it and discussing the notion of blogging with friends, I'm doing it.
Why heidiland? For years my friends and family have referred to my home and life as heidiland. "What's happening in heidiland?"
heidiland is a fun place and I'm excited to share it with you.
While I am on this blogging journey I hope to share musings from the studio with you. Silly tales of adventures with friends, tales of my antiquing jaunts and the treasures I find.
I'll share photos and musings of my many collections of stuff and my holiday displays.
My newest creations from the studio too.
All the happenings in heidiland.

Till next time-Heidi


Anonymous said…
WOW...is this really THE Heidi Steiner ! FAB blog...when I grow up can I be you ? Heidiland must be a magical place....is there room for little ole me ? Love and fishes, GiGi
Mr.JPHChandler said…
My wife and I are so excited you have a blog now. You are our FAVORITE artist.We have 39 pieces and counting.
Mama Bash said…
Love your new blogg! I am so excited to share in all of your whimsy and wonder. Looking forward to tracking your latest finds and creations!
CollinsGifts said…
Congratulations on you blog!
I am looking forward to reading about all your crazy adventures.
Katy said…
Pigs really can fly.....and finally Heidiland has a real place on the map. Welcome to the cyberworld. You have just given everyone the best darn place to be in the whole wide world!
Hugs & Giggles
Anonymous said…
i like the blog
Anonymous said…
I love the blog heidi! Keep them up!
Anonymous said…
Hmmmm...just wondering...is Heidiland anything like the Twilight zone....an interesting adventure with twists & turns...scary bits...but it all turns out alright in the end ? Save me a place ! Love and fishes, Gigi