Springtime Fun

It's been busy here in heidiland. I've been creating all sorts of fun new things for Spring. I've even spent some time and re-vamped my website. Have a peek.

While the birdies are singing a pretty song outside my studio windows, I've been working on little mohair chicks, rabbits and a mouse or two. I've also got teddy bears waiting on the tarmac for my attentions.
Please look for all of these and a few others now on my website. More will be added soon.

Till next time~


Theresa said…
Heidi I love all your new pieces!!!


CollinsGifts said…
All your pieces are just amazing! I am just thrilled they are headed my way.
Thank you so much for sending me another fantastic box of your work.
Anonymous said…
You really are having way to much fun in the studio. So delightful.
Peep Peep
MrJPHChandler said…
We love them all. We are now off to your website too.
John & Margaret
Anonymous said…
They are all so beautiful. I can't pick just one.
Cindy P.
Mama Bash said…
I just love the detail of your chocolate eggs. The pastel chicks are wonderful too. You have inspired me to get my Spring decorations up!
MrJPHChandler said…
Happy Spring Heidi!
Some of my Siberian Iris have started blooming.
John & Margaret