Monday Funday

I'm a collector of stuff. It would probably be quicker if I told you what I don't collect, but not as much fun.
I've been hauling springtime bins from the glory hole (a.k.a. the basement) today. Picking and poking through pretty things and putting together little Easter vignettes.

I've been unwrapping vintage paper mache' candy container chicks, ducks, rabbits and eggs. The Steiff rabbits are gathered, the chickens and roosters too.

Vintage Schuco birdies are flocking all over the place. Antique dolls are dressed in their Sunday best awaiting the Easter parade.

I hope you enjoy this little peek into heidiland.
Till next time- Heidi


Wendy said…
Welcome Home!!
Thank you so much for the peeks into Heidi Land. I love your decorating and your collection is wonderful.