Hooray for Spring

Happy first day of Spring everyone.
It's been a longggg time in coming and I welcome it with open arms.
It's a sunshiny day here and I've flung the windows wide open. I strolled around the yard early this morning, cup of coffee in hand and in my jammies. Peeking to see if any flower bulbs know its Spring. They do! I hope you're enjoying a lovely Spring day too.
Till next time- Heidi


Anonymous said…
Happy Spring to you Heidi!
Love the circus fellows. I can't wait for my mice to arrive.
Mary Graf
Katy said…
Buds are popping on branch tips, birds are fluttering about and singing, eager sprouts are promising Springtime blooms...and you my dear are right at the top of my list of reasons to smile!
Wendy said…
Yesterday as I looked out the window at the foot of snow in my back yard and the big snow flakes falling I came up with a great idea!
Road trip to Heidi's house;>