The Egg and I

I daydream while I'm working in the studio. ALOT. I dream of places I've been and places I'd like to go. Of home re-do's and the upcoming Springtime garden overhauls.
Since last summer I've had a reoccurring daydream.
An Egg trailer.
I spied one of these while cruising the countryside with Mr. Steiner.

If I had one of these cute trailers, a blast from the past, I'd park it in my backyard.
It would be the "guest cottage". A place for me to play and for friends to stay.
I'd have a polka dot awning and flower boxes filled with pretty posies on the windows. I'd plant pretty little gardens around my Egg.
Someday, maybe, I'll have an Egg in my backyard.
So, when you come to visit, you can stay in my little "guest cottage" Egg.
Till next time- Heidi


Anonymous said…
Pin a rose on my nose! I just visited your website and found you have a blog. I love them both! I will call tonight- I must have a couple of the sweet things on the website.
Betty Strehlow
Collins Gifts said…
Your Egg trailer has me giggling. I want to come stay and play in your Egg.
Anonymous said…
Great Egg BUT not big enough for us to go on an antique road trip for some of those great creation you are working on.
Deborah Sculley
Anonymous said…
Hey Heidi~ Thanks for coming to visit my blog! I think this is so fun :) I have added you to my favorites. I guess we were both fashionable late with our blogging...In my opinion, the Egg Dream House was well worth the wait! I especially like the polka dots~ I'll visit again soon.
Katy said…
You need to find a bigger egg to make this dream come true. I bet ALL your friends would like to join me in visiting you in this nifty little trailer. Problem being...I'm sure none of us would ever want to return from Heidiland once we're there!!!